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Clinical Acknowledgements

  • Prof Tim Cole and the RCPCH Digital Growth Charts Project Board for their advice and guidance during the process of transforming paper growth charts into digital.

Technical Acknowledgements

  • DigitalOcean (ancillary cloud services)
  • Discourse (forum platform for
  • FastAPI (used for the current version of the API server)
  • Flask (used for the first draft of the API server)
  • GitHub (code hosting, issues, actions, projects)
  • (open source API management platform)
  • Heroku (used in early alpha stages for quick hosting)
  • Material for MkDocs and MkDocs itself (documentation sites)
  • Microsoft Azure (main cloud platform)
  • (free forum hosting)
  • Python and the Python Software Foundation (main language used for the RCPCH dGC project)
  • ReactJS (frontend JavaScript framework for Chart component and demo app)

Additional Contributors

  • Dr Mark Wardle for Deprivare (a UK deprivation-index server) and Hermes (a SNOMED terminology server) and advice on dockerising and deploying both of these.
  • Dr Dan Leach for advice on MHRA Medical Device Registration.
  • Dr Charles van Lennep for many contributions to React code and building the React Native client.
  • Anchit Chandran for proofreading, corrections and contributions to the documentation.
  • 'William' Nai-Wei Wang for proofreading, corrections and contributions to the documentation.


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