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FAQs for Developers

Q: Where is all your dGC code?

A: The entirety of our Digital Growth Chart code is publicly available on GitHub, in the rcpch organisation. See

Q: Why did you build the API in Python?

A: Python has become the de facto language of the scientific and bioinformatics communities. Also:

  • Most of the packages needed were '1st party' i.e. maintained by the PSF. Therefore, they have a level of reliability and provenance.
  • It's a nice and easily readable language whilst being powerful enough for our requirements. Python has everything needed for building an API, demo sites, web platforms, etc.
  • It's accessible to clinicians who want to learn to code; it's easy enough to learn, it's taught in schools!


Marcus Baw wrote a blog post on 'Why Python...' which has a little more detail.