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FAQs for Developers

Q: Where is all your dGC code?

A: All the code for all our Digital Growth Chart work is publicly available on GitHub, in the rcpch organisation. See

Q: Why did you build the API in Python?

A: Python has become the de-facto language of the scientific and bioinformatics communities. Also:

Most of the packages we needed were '1st party' ie maintained by the PSF, and therefore have a level of reliability and provenance which we liked.

We think it's a nice and easily readable language to use, as well as being powerful enough to be capable of doing what we needed.

It's accessible to clinicians who want to learn to code, and it's easy enough to learn that it's taught in schools. Python has everything we needed for building an API, demo sites, web platforms, etc.


Marcus Baw wrote a blog post on 'Why Python..' which has a little more detail.