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Getting Started integrating Digital Growth Charts

The RCPCH Digital Growth Charts platform centres around a REST API which provides calculated growth parameters derived from supplied child measurements such as height and weight.

The next few pages will step you through the process of using the API. If you are an experienced user of REST APIs this should all be very straightforward. We have deliberately designed this API to be simple and clear.

Sign up for the API service

In order to use the Digital Growth Charts API you need to sign up for an account and obtain API keys. These API keys allow us to manage usage of the API and prevent abuse. There is a Free Tier of the API, which gives you instant access to the API, so you can get on with exploring the platform. More information on the pricing of the platform is available here.

At present this signup step is on an external website because we use the Microsoft Azure API management platform, in the future this may change in favour of a more streamlined on-boarding workflow.

When you've done signing up, come back to the documentation here to follow the rest of the Getting Started tutorial.

Go to to sign up

Choose a Product and Create an App

Onboarding support

If you have any issues with getting the Tier you need then please contact us

  1. Navigate to the Products menu item, and choose the Tier of the API subscription that you require.

    We recommend you choose the Free Tier because this will be activated instantly. Other tiers require approval and payment verification, which is not instant.

  2. Select a Tier from the 'Tiers' drop-down above to get started.

    IMPORTANT: ONLY THE FREE TIER GIVES YOU INSTANT ACCESS. Other tiers will need to wait for approval, onboarding, and payment verification, so we recommend the Free Tier for everyone initially. You can create multiple Free Tier apps, however the usage is shared.

  3. Create a unique name for your application. It doesn't matter what you call it as long as it has meaning for you, and it can be changed later in the Account part of the portal.

  4. Click 'Subscribe' to create the app.


Improving these docs

We're always looking for feedback on our documentation, so that we maintain clear, unambiguous guides for all parts of the platform. If something isn't clear please let us know, by talking about it on our forums, or creating an issue on GitHub. Please include enough description of the problem that we can fix it. Screenshots and links are super helpful for this.

You can also directly edit the docs and submit changes back to us for inclusion: click on the button in the top left of any main text pane, which will take you to the source on GitHub. You will need to make your own GitHub fork of the documentation. Make your changes there and submit a pull request back to us! (See Contributing for more info)

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