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Products Overview

These products exist for different use-cases.

Some are designed to integrate with each other, whilst others have been created as stand-alone products.

API Server

The RCPCH Digital Growth Charts (RCPCH dGC) platform centres around a REST API which provides calculated growth parameters derived from supplied child measurements such as height and weight.

Click here if you wish to integrate the RCPCH dGC API into an application.

React Demo Client

A live demonstration of the API and Chart Library Component.

React Chart Component

A permissively-licensed, open-source React component which simplifies the process of creating a digital growth chart graphic from the data received from the RCPCH dGC API.

React Native Client

A modern dGC client for mobile, developed by Dr Charles van Lennep, which can be run on Android and iOS.

Command-line Tools

A command-line tool which allows utilisation of the powerful rcpchgrowth-python package growth functions within the terminal.

Python package

The Python calculation functions, used to power the RCPCH dGC API, exist in a self-contained library for use in other applications.

Install via pip:

pip install rcpchgrowth

Google Sheets extension

A Google Sheets extension developed using Google Apps Script.

This allows accessibility for researchers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts.

Flask/Python Client (deprecated)

Early version of the Growth Charts which simply combined the client and API within the same Flask app.


Information about pricing and commercial use.

link to code repo link to demo / pypi (if exists)

API Server