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Clinical Risk Management System

Royal College Digital Growth Charts Team

March 2021

Document Management

Revision History

  • This document is versioned in Git and published in GitHub.

  • Refer to the document's Releases section in GitHub to see a history of releases.

  • This document was created from the CRMP template provided on the NHS Digital Website.

Reviewers and Process

This document must be reviewed by:

  • Dr Simon Chapman
  • Prof Tim Cole
  • Magda Umerska

The review mechanism for update is via Pull Request review on GitHub, with opportunity for reviewers to comment and amend the text.

Approvers and Process

This document must be approved by:

  • Dr Marcus Baw - Clinical Safety Officer, RCPCH dGC Team

  • Following satisfactory review by the Reviewers, the nominated Approvers merge the pull request into the main branch of the code.

  • The current version of this document will always be selected as the 'default branch' in GitHub### Related Documents


This Clinical Risk Management System (CRMS) outlines the processes to be followed to ensure that all healthcare IT used to support care withinthe Organisation is developed, implemented and used in a safe manner.

This CRMS provides a framework that promotes the effective risk management, by the Organisation, of potential health IT hazards andoperational incidents.

This CRMS complements existing risk management processes that should be defined in the Royal College Digital Growth Charts Team's Risk Management Strategy and wherever practical, uses existing procedures, processes and governance arrangements.

This CRMS addresses the requirements of DCB0129 and DCB0160 and follows best practice in clinical safety, development practice, security, and transparency.

This CRMS will be reviewed and maintained in accordance with the the Royal College Digital Growth Charts Team's policies.