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Get Digital Growth Charts

Are paper growth charts holding up digital transformation?

We know from talking to experienced child health clinicians that they absolutely must have growth charts in any new digital solution. The lack of good quality and richly functional digital growth charts on the EPR/EHR market has held back digital transformation in many care settings. Some care-giving organisations have been forced to either hold up plans for digitisation, or use a parallel paper chart workflow.

RCPCH Digital Growth Charts are a safe and cost-effective solution

Our solution is a UKCA/CE-marked Registered Medical Device, with a full DCB0129 clinical safety file, and is already in use in numerous NHS organisations across the UK, and within third-party EPR systems.

Trusted, familiar-looking Digital Growth Charts

  • Produced and warranted by the RCPCH itself – the international authority on child health.

  • Designed to be familiar to clinicians used to paper growth charts.

  • Richly functional, adding features like automatic gestational age correction, bone age, mid-parental height, event recording, and specialist references for Turner and Down syndromes.

The heavy lifting is done for you

We know that calculation and display of growth parameters is technically hard, and comes with many clinical caveats. Our SaaS (Software As A Service) platform does all the hard work for you, meaning your clinicians get dependable, trustworthy charts, and digital transformation can proceed.

Who's using the RCPCH Digital Growth Charts?

The RCPCH Digital Growth Charts are already used in numerous NHS Trusts across England. Also, they are currently being adopted by UK General Practice clinical systems, at National level in UK Devolved Nations, and within major neonatal and maternity systems.